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Client Success Stories

I've been so lucky over the past four years to work with amazing clients from all over the world. From high-level bikini competitors to your every day mom and people of all generations, I've helped women reach their fitness goals and find inner self-confidence they never knew existed. Check out some of my success stories below! 

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Alexa  Cardon

Nationally Qualified NPC Bikini Competitor

Post-Partum & Contest Prep

11 Months postpartum and down 35lbs!  Having a support system was huge for Alexa, she knew she needed the extra accountability even though she has been able to transform before with baby #1.  Alexa reached back out to me only after 3 weeks for the guidance as she knew she'd be more successful and not waste any time once she had her coach back in her corner.  Having the guidance and taking the "pressure" off of coaching yourself can really help navigate life as a new mom of 2!  

Little successes add up over time.  Alexa was dedicated throughout her pregnancy with her training and nutrition which ultimately set herself up for success once she had Tommy! Alexa puts a ton of pressure on herself because she knows what she is capable of and it has been an absolute joy watching her grow into the athlete that she is today.  Being a mom of 2, running a coaching business & full-time fitness instructor AND making time to chase her goals of being a professional bikini athlete - Alexa is a great example of what you can do if you put your mind to something! 

Brianna Phillips

Nationally Qualified NPC Bikini Competitor

 Contest Prep

"Coach Kiki is a top tier coach, trainer, athlete, and friend. Not only has she helped boost my confidence, but she has helped me blossom as a person in so many ways, physically and mentally!
She has taught me so many things and I’m still learning from her, even during my improvement season. She has helped me become disciplined in and out of the gym. She has also helped me make better food choices while still enjoying the things I love! She is reliable, truthful, motivating, and I aspire to be as determined to reach my goals as she is day in and day out!"

Brianna started with me just over 4 weeks out from her very first NPC show.  Not something that I would normally suggest but we were able to adjust some of her protocols as well as guide her with a careful eye, feed her more and really pay attention to all of the little details that go into prepping for a bikini show.  After her first show, we started the reverse diet process and into a little building phase to restore her hormones and give her metabolism a boost before going into her second prep in the fall of 2023.  We ended her first season on the NPC stage with a second place win.  Currently we are in a long building phase to grow muscle tissue and work on her bikini shape as well as regaining a healthy relationship with food.  

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Beckyn Mickelson

Nationally Qualified NPC Bikini Competitor

Contest Prep

Coach Kiki and I have been working together for three years and there’s no one else I would ever want to work with! I trust her wholeheartedly with my health both in competition season and out of competition season. She’s always pushed me to be my best, and lovingly pushes me harder when she knows I can be doing better. I know she wants nothing but the best for me.


She’s taught me how to be a better athlete AND still cares deep heartedly about me as a person. She always asks how both “Beckyn the Athlete” and “Beckyn the Person” are doing. She’s helped me become the most confident version of myself. She took me under her wing when I needed her the most and I got to learn from her and see that she treats ALL of her clients with the utmost care and respect. She pays such close attention to detail with all of her athletes.


If you want a personalized coaching experience (unlike most coaches in the industry) AND to gain a new friend, Coach Kiki is the girl for you! I could go on and on about how amazing she is, but don’t hesitate to find out for yourself!

Abby Crawford

NPC Bikini Athlete

Contest Prep & Improvement Season

"Coach Kiki. Where to begin. At first Kiki was someone I looked up to as an athlete. The she was someone I looked up to as coach and now she is someone I look up to as a person. Kiki is one of those people that makes everyone feel like a someone. Without knowing she does it, she is gifted in making her each one of her clients feel like they are her only client. If you have a question she is informative and intentional  in her answer. If you feel discouraged she is kind in her encouragement. When there are tough days she is helping to lift you up. When there are rewarding days, Kiki is your biggest cheerleader. 


Kiki changed my life. With her guidance and encouragement I became the best version of myself. I trusted her knowledge wholeheartedly and it was so rewarding. She is trustworthy, patient and seriously decorated in health and fitness knowledge and experience. For as long as I have a coach, I choose Coach Kiki. "

Jasmyn  Ferrell

Lifestyle Client - CoryG Fitness/MaxEffort Muscle Athlete

Body Recomposition - Lean Muscle Gain 

"I started my journey with Kiki the end of February 2022. If I had to summarize, these past 10 months have been nothing but life changing. The knowledge, confidence, changes I’ve seen in myself can all be attributed to the patience and care Kiki gives every interaction. You can feel the passion she has for this in the way she genuinely celebrates your successes and commitment to teaching you to how to care for your health and body. As a former high school athlete I struggled most of my life with eating disorders and fad diets. I would constantly yo-yo, but never getting to a place where I was comfortable in my skin or comfortable in my mind about the choices I was making. Right before I reached out to Kiki I was quite literally lost and had given up on any chance of progress for me. From our first interaction I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Aside from her creating a plan for you she actually goes into detail about why she planned it out that way and really cares about educating the client which sets her above the rest. When we first started I didn’t have much weight to lose so we focused more on a body recomposition while still losing almost 10lbs and the most amazing part, for me, is that through this process I’ve unlearned the toxic mindset of being obsessed with a number on the scale. I’ve also learned how to break through my struggle with disordered eating and I can’t even tell you how freeing it is. As I continue to work with Kiki I just want to thank her for renewing a hope in me that I can be the best version of myself as long as I put in the work and have the confidence in myself to do it." 

Mackensey  Psaros

NPC Bikini Athlete

Contest Prep & Improvement Season

This sounds dramatic but I swear it’s 100% true: Kiki helped my change my life, physically AND mentally. As a 20 year old pursuing my first bodybuilding competition, I learned more from her as far as how to be a better woman, leader, human, and overall accountability than I have from any authoritative figure in my life. Not only did her guidance and unwavering faith in me help me achieve physical goals I truly didn’t think were ever possible, I have an entirely new outlook on the world; so much so that I am confident these changes and results are lifelong, not just fleeting, because of her constant above and beyond effort to connect as a non-transactional friend, that I truly believe you cannot find elsewhere.


Danielle Koehler 

Lifestyle & Bikini  - CoryG Fitness/MaxEffort Muscle Athlete

Body Recomposition - Bikini Shaping

I didn't know it when we met for the first time how much she would truly change my life, but Coach Kiki came in at exactly the right time. 

As a 38 year old mother of three at the time I was struggling to find the right routine that was going to deliver the results I wanted. I had done 'fad' style dieting and had phenomenal results, but they were not sustainable. I'd followed other fitness programs, but fizzled out after a month or two from boredom or lack of accountability. I'd worked personally with other coaches, yet there was always something missing. 


What Coach Kiki has been able to do with, not only my body, but my mind has been EXACTLY what I've needed. I started 2022 at 158lbs. I knew I needed to make a change and worked on my own for three months. I followed a few 21-28 day strict diet and training programs. When I finally mustered up my courage to ask for help from Coach Kiki I was down 21lbs and feeling like I was READY to go to the next level. Being ready was the first step. 


Our first meeting was comforting, informative and relaxed. Coach Kiki, in that short amount of time, made me believe I could achieve and EXCEED my goals. I mentioned that I had considered competing when I was younger and, to her, it was like a no-brainer. We hit the ground running within a few days of that meeting and we haven't looked back since. 


March 21, 2022 I received my first personalized meal plan from Coach Kiki. She asked me what I enjoyed eating, what I would definitely not eat and what cravings or 'weaknesses' I had. My plan then, and throughout our work together, was simple and easy to follow. With check-ins twice a week, if things aren't working or if there are challenges or adverse reactions to any foods, adjustments are made immediately. For me, I knew I needed someone to tell me exactly WHAT to eat and when. For others, she has the option of macro counting. Her breadth of knowledge is extensive and ever growing with the needs of her clients.  


Within a few months, people started noticing and asking questions. My clothes started fitting better. My confidence was building. I was getting stronger, not just physically, but mentally as well. I could say no to unnecessary indulgences because it didn't align with my goals. I knew that what Kiki and I were building was bigger than anything I've ever done before. After 6 months of work, I actually started looking forward to my checkins, to show my Coach what I had accomplished. I knew that the harder I worked the better the reward. Kiki was so supportive every single step of the way, but also gave "tough love" where it was due. If I made a mistake or was struggling in any way, she was always there to set me back on course. 


In October of 2022 I had surgery that took me away from training for about 7 weeks, but it didn't take Coach Kiki away. She still text or emailed weekly to check in, cared about my well-being and progress and offered her support, in whatever capacity I needed, throughout the entire time. Now that my body has recovered and I've been able to get back to a routine, we've adjusted meal plans, started a new training program and begun bi-weekly check-ins again. I have never worked with a Coach that is so attentive, supportive and available to her clients regardless of day of the week, time of the day or distance between. These attributes are what set her apart from other coaches as a preferred partner. 


In our first meeting I told Kiki I wanted to compete in a competition before my 40th birthday. When I said it, I wasn't sure it was even a possibility for me. I hoped, but I also never saw myself in that way. She knew otherwise. With her guidance and programming, we are doing not one, but two shows in 2023. I know, without any doubts now, we'll be ready. I know that following her protocols is going to get me to that stage with the best possible product. We've proven, with our work thus far, that we can achieve our goals. I trust Coach Kiki to guide me along this adventure so we can both be proud of the outcome. There is absolutely no one I would rather walk alongside. I am beyond grateful to Coach Kiki for all that she has done for me in the last 9 months, how she has transformed my body, my mind, my drive, my outlook and my vision of the future. I know we have big things coming and I am so excited and appreciative to be on this ride with her. 


My personal journey is one that culminates on a stage. For others, it means gaining confidence, getting into that two piece in the summer, fitting into a dream wedding dress, feeling comfortable in a crowded room, learning how to properly fuel the body, extending a life expectancy, curing ailments, picking up those weights again, limbering up joints, etc. I wholeheartedly believe that Coach Kiki has the skills, knowledge and resources to guide anyone through anything, to transform anyone that is truly ready to change. 

I can't wait to get on that stage and show the world what Coach Kiki and I have built together. Cheers to the best year yet. 

Bridget Gallagher

Lifestyle Client
Body Recomposition

Bridget's recomposition should be goals for every woman! She has worked so hard while learning what she's capable of.  We have gone through several phases during our coaching time including an initial body recomposition, dieting phase, reverse, and now a lifestyle maintenance & lean muscle build. The results speak for themselves! 

Bridgette's complete body recomposition is what nearly every woman would want. She tighted up, added more curves, and she feels amazing. And, she weighs almost exactly the same in the before/after!

Lifestyle Client
Body Recomposition

Bridget's recomposition should be goals for every woman! She has worked so hard while learning what she's capable of.  We have gone through several phases during our coaching time including an initial body recomposition, dieting phase, reverse, and now a lifestyle maintenance & lean muscle build. The results speak for themselves! 

Bridgette's complete body recomposition is what nearly every woman would want. She tighted up, added more curves, and she feels amazing. And, she weighs almost exactly the same in the before/after!

Lifestyle Client
Body Recomposition

Bridgette's complete body recomposition is what nearly every woman would want. She tighted up, added more curves, and she feels amazing. And, she weighs almost exactly the same in the before/after!
Arielle Deyampert poses on stage at the 2021 Noble Warrior Classic where she won first place in the NPC bikini competition less than one year after giving birth.

Arielle Deyampert

2021 Open Bikini Overall Champion

NPC Noble Warrior Classic

 Arielle Deyampert won the whole dang show at the 2021 NPC Noble Warrior Classic! She won her class and the overall, and she is just getting started. Did I mention that Arielle had her first child less than a year ago and she is still out there slaying the stage?! 


Lifestyle Client
Body Recomposition

Heathers's recomposition should be goals for every woman! Heather was focused on her goals of wanting to build muscle!  Heather knew eventually she would want to step on stage and made the smart decision to build the muscle necessary prior to starting a contest prep.  She was diligent in her training, nutrition, learning macros and what food sources work for her. You never know what your body is truly capable of! 

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