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Unleash your true lifting potential with Coach Kiki's signature LFG (Let's F*cking Grow) Hip Thrust Pad! Designed to provide ultimate comfort while you push those boundaries and work on that posterior power.


Features & Benefits:

  • Signature LFG Touch: With the iconic "Let's F*cking Grow" slogan, this pad isn't just gear; it's a badge of honor.
  • Coach Kiki Seal of Approval: Embrace those heavy lifts with confidence, knowing this pad has Coach Kiki's personal stamp.
  • Optimal Comfort & Protection: Say goodbye to painful bruises! This pad offers maximum cushioning for your hips, ensuring safe and comfortable lifts.
  • Non-Slip Design: Crafted with a grip-enhancing surface to prevent unwanted movement during your workout.
  • Versatility: Perfect for hip thrusts, squats, and more, making it a must-have addition to your gym arsenal.


Are you ready to lift heavier, safer, and in style? Grab the LFG Hip Thrust Pad and let's freaking grow together!

Hip Thrust Pad: Boost Your Lifts & Protect Your Hips!

$35.00 Regular Price
$28.00Sale Price
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