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Meet the game changer: Coach Kiki's signature LFG (Let's F*cking Grow) Long Band! Crafted for warriors who are determined to stretch their limits, amplify strength, and dominate their training sessions.


CHOOSE YOUR RESISTANCE: Fierce Red (heavy), Vibrant Blue (medium), Pretty Pink (light) 


Features & Benefits:

  • Signature LFG Branding: Sport your dedication to muscle growth and progress with the iconic "Let's F*cking Grow" touch.
  • Coach Kiki's Choice: Not just any band – it’s a powerhouse chosen by Coach Kiki to drive your performance skyward.
  • Dynamic Resistance: Provides consistent tension throughout movements, optimizing muscle activation for both stretch and strength exercises.
  • Ultra-Durable Material: Designed to withstand intense pulls and stretches, ensuring it lasts as long as your unyielding determination.
  • Travel-Friendly: Lightweight and compact, it's your go-to fitness companion, whether you're at home, in the gym, or on the move.


Ready to stretch beyond ordinary? Grab the LFG Long Band and embark on your journey to unparalleled growth!

Long Band: Stretch, Strengthen, & Slay Your Workouts

$25.00 Regular Price
$20.00Sale Price
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