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10 Tips for Navigating Healthy Eating at Cookouts & Summer Parties

Summer brings with it a season of cookouts and summer parties, filled with tempting food options that can challenge our commitment to healthy eating. However, you don't have to sacrifice your health goals to enjoy these social gatherings. In this blog post, we will provide practical tips and strategies to help you navigate cookouts and summer parties while making nutritious choices.

Here's my short list!

  • Bring the healthy food with you - (my go-to is a veggie platter/side OR chicken breast meatballs) You never know what is going to be available!

  • Bring your own condiments such as dipping sauces for veggies, sandwich/salad toppings, etc.

  • Bring sparkling water and/or water flavoring for low cal alcoholic drinks

  • Opt for leaner cuts of meat/protein to “save” some fat calories for other dishes

  • Grill veggie skewers for a low calorie side

  • Create a simple veggie salad with cut up vegetables & low calorie sauce/dressing

    • My recent fav has been grilled corn, green peppers, onion tossed with FlavorGang Sweet Papi Sauce

  • Grill Pineapple/watermelon for a healthy dessert with light whipped topping

  • Eat a small snack of protein & veggies before you go to decrease the likelihood of overindulgence

  • Set your strategy - go into the party with an idea of how you are going to approach your eating/drinking so you don’t get overwhelmed and just say F it

    • You don’t have to skip the unhealthy foods you love, just prioritize the ones you want the most, portion them, and balance them with healthier options

    • Identify the cookout food you’re craving the most and dish out a healthy intentional portion

  • Eat some color! Opt mostly for veggies and fruits to add some fiber and have smaller portions of the beige food (mayo heavy salads & cheesy sides)

    • I like filling half of my plate with veggies

  • Focus on the people you are with and be present :)

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