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3 Tips to Stay on Track During the Holidays

Ok, let's talk holidays as a bikini competitor or lifestyle client. Your family is in town. Everyone has made all their favorite recipes. There is food EVERYWHERE! These are the situations that can be tough for competitors sometimes when they are around extended family that may not understand their goals and lifestyle. It can inevitably lead to competitors feeling guilty for sticking to macros, tracking, etc., and I'm here to give you three tips to combat some of these issues.

1. Remember this is your decision and your body!

At the end of the day, I like to remind myself and my clients that I'm doing this for me. People may not understand, but I do, and that's what matters. When I first started competing, holidays were so awkward because my family couldn't understand why I wouldn't eat certain things. It's taken a couple years of slowly explaining everything to them, but they are totally on board now!

2. Plan ahead!

If you are tracking macros, let's make a game plan ahead of Turkey Day next week. I promise I can help you fit what you want to eat into your plan. Whether you want to crush some gravy with your turkey or eat alllll the stuffing like me, let's make it work. And, if you're on a meal plan, let's talk too! Holidays are special, and we want to find a happy medium that keeps you on track while still getting to enjoy yourself.

3. Be open and honest with family and friends

It can be natural to get defensive when people are questioning why you're eating the way that you are! It's natural to react like that, but it can make the situation even more difficult. Instead, I have found the most success by appealing to the emotional side of people and trying to help them understand my why. If people can hear and see and understand my passion and why I'm doing this, it's generally much easier for them to accept understand.

Overall, have fun this holiday season! Don't let food be a stressor. Remember that you've been in weeks, months, and years of work. One day isn't going to destroy that progress.

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