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4 Ways to Kill Cravings!

Ever felt like you’re in a game of tug-of-war with your cravings after a long, stressful day at work?

On one side, there’s your commitment to fitness, and on the other, those tempting treats are just calling your name! It can be a real struggle, am I right? Sometimes giving in seems like it's the only option.

Sometimes it’s not just about fighting those urges; it’s about understanding and managing them effectively. Identifying the root cause and diving deeper into why you are experiencing these heavy cravings is the key.

Here are 4 ways to kill those cravings!

👉 Decrease your stress

Stress increases cortisol and carbs decrease it - so when you are stressed, you are more likely to crave high carbohydrate foods!

👉 Focus on whole foods

Processed foods are highly palatable (make you eat more of them) and will activate the reward circuits in our brain that release dopamine which can lead to those feelings of food addiction.

👉 Stop restricting

Restricting yourself can lead to obsessive thinking about certain foods which will in turn cause and increased craving for them. For my clients struggling with this, I will intentionally include those certain foods every single day onto their plan so the restriction and NEED for those foods diminishes.

👉 Prioritize meal timing

Consume balanced meals and snacks! Make sure each meal/snack includes a good source of protein & fiber to help with satiety/fullness.

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