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Fit Chick's Christmas List!

You asked, I answered! Below you can find my personal Fit Chick's Christmas list 🎄🎅🏻 This list checks all the boxes!

✅ Max Effort Muscle supplements to elevate your fitness routine.

My go-to stack is Fat Burner, Greens, Amino Recovery, Pre Workout, and Sleep!

✅ LFG Sprinkle training gear

Hip Bands, Long Bands, Ankle Straps, Hip Thrust Pad

✅ Kitty's Bikinis

Posing suit/practice suit/check-in suit

✅ ICON Meals

Meals prepped and ready to go shipped to your door. Perfect for the busy holiday season to help you stay on track. Use code: KIKI10!

↳ Shop ICON

✅ The Flavor Gang

Bowl of Gainz! - perfect for pre or post workout

Sauces - I love the SMV & Sweet Papi Sauce

Spices! - perfect for meal prep

Zero Proof Mocktails


I love BuffBunny, Alphalete, and Aoxjox (from Amazon)

✅ Self Tanner

I use ProTan 2-minute tan. Look good, feel good! Use code: COACHKIKI

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