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Fit Chick's Christmas List!

You asked, I answered! Below you can find my personal Fit Chick's Christmas list ๐ŸŽ„๐ŸŽ…๐Ÿป This list checks all the boxes!

โœ… Max Effort Muscle supplements to elevate your fitness routine.

My go-to stack is Fat Burner, Greens, Amino Recovery, Pre Workout, and Sleep!

โœ… LFG Sprinkle training gear

Hip Bands, Long Bands, Ankle Straps, Hip Thrust Pad

โœ… Kitty's Bikinis

Posing suit/practice suit/check-in suit

โ†ณ Shop Kitty's

โœ… ICON Meals

Meals prepped and ready to go shipped to your door. Perfect for the busy holiday season to help you stay on track. Use code: KIKI10!

โ†ณ Shop ICON

โœ… The Flavor Gang

Bowl of Gainz! - perfect for pre or post workout

Sauces - I love the SMV & Sweet Papi Sauce

Spices! - perfect for meal prep

Zero Proof Mocktails


I love BuffBunny, Alphalete, and Aoxjox (from Amazon)

โœ… Self Tanner

I use ProTan 2-minute tan. Look good, feel good! Use code: COACHKIKI

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