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Sample Day of Eating

This was from late in 2021, so I'm somehow eating even more now!

I wanted to share with you guys a food table and full day of eating. This hopefully gives you an idea of how I structure all of my food during my improvement season. I'm eating a LOT right now (which is a good thing), but it also means I need to plan out my meals and space them out appropriately to manage how my body is feeling.

MORNING MaxEffort Morning Cocktail: Fruits, Greens, Immune Boost with/ 8 ounces of

Coconut Water & 10g Collagen

1 scoop Amino Recovery in ½ gallon HydroJug 1 Cup Coffee with 1 tsp Jordyn’s Skinny Syrups

BREAKFAST Pumpkin Flax Kodiak Cakes - (microwave pancake bowl)

Turkey Bacon and Veggies

LUNCH Shredded Chicken Breast, Jasmine Rice, Carrot Chips, Avocado Mash

PRE-WORKOUT Red Shrimp, Cream of Rice, PB & Honey on English Muffin 1 scoop Pre-, ¼ tsp Salt, 1tsp CALM

INTRA-WORKOUT 5g each: MaxEffort Tri-Blend Creatine, Amino Recovery, Glutamine, Beet Root

POST-WORKOUT Shrimp, Jasmine Rice, Pineapple

DINNER 96% Ground Beef, Grits, Mixed Veggies, Almond Cheese

NIGHTTIME SPIKE Tri-Blend Protein Shake, Pop-Tart Bites & ADNB 2 Max Effort Sleep Capsules

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