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Simplify Your Grocery Shopping with Coach Kiki’s Weekly Essentials

Essential Groceries for Busy People Who Want to Eat Healthy!

If grocery shopping feels like a daunting task, don't worry. Coach Kiki is here to simplify things with a weekly list that keeps you fueled and fabulous. Let's dive into what should be in your cart!


  • 🐔 Chicken breast tenderloins: Perfect for grilling, baking, or tossing into a stir-fry.

  • 🐟 Tilapia: Light and flaky fish that's great for a quick, healthy meal.

  • 🍤 Argentine Red Shrimp: These are delicious, easy to cook, and add a fancy touch to any meal.

  • 🦃 99% Ground Turkey: Lean and mean for all your protein needs.


  • 🥔 Sweet Potatoes: Nature’s candy! Roast them, mash them, or make sweet potato fries.

  • Quick Oats: Breakfast is sorted with these; just add your favorite toppings.

  • 🍚 Basmati OR Jasmine Rice: Fluffy and aromatic, perfect as a side or base for your meals.

  • Rice Cakes: A crunchy, low-calorie snack that pairs well with nut butter.


  • 🍓 Berries: Packed with antioxidants and flavor.

  • 🍎 Honeycrisp Apples: Sweet, crisp, and perfect for snacking.

  • 🍌 Bananas: Great for smoothies, on-the-go snacks, and a good potassium boost.


  • 🥑 Avocado Oil: Great for cooking or drizzling over salads.

  • Brazil Nuts, Almonds & Walnuts: Perfect for snacking or adding to dishes for some healthy fats.

  • 🥜 Peanut Butter (or any nut butter): Delicious on toast, in smoothies, or straight from the jar.


  • Redmond’s Real Salt: A natural way to enhance flavor.

  • Flavor Gang Bowl of Gainz: A fun way to add taste to your meals.

  • Flavor Gang Sauces: Keep meals exciting without extra calories.

  • Max Effort Muscle Protein: Get your protein fix easily.

  • Mustard: A low-calorie way to add a kick to your food.

  • Pickle chips!: A tangy, crunchy snack.

  • Ground Coffee: Because we all need that morning jolt.

  • Zero Sugar Water flavorings: Stay hydrated with some flavor.

  • Occasional zero sugar soda: Enjoy a fizzy treat without the guilt.

  • Zevia - grape & cream soda, Root Beer: These are great zero sugar soda options.

  • Diet Coke: Sometimes you just need a classic!

There you have it – a simple, no-fuss grocery list to keep you on track with your health goals. Let's make grocery shopping a breeze and your kitchen stocked with nutritious and delicious foods!


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