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The Benefits of Creatine for Female Athletes

Creatine is one of the most well-studied supplements in the space and there are many reasons why I suggest it for female athletes and trainees.

🤔 Sooo what is Creatine??

Creatine is an amino acid that we store in our muscles (and brain) to use as a natural energy source which fuels are muscles during training sessions. While you can get creatine through natural food sources (like organ meat and red meat), we're more than likely not getting much creatine through our diets.

📈 The benefits of Creatine

  • Supports lean muscle tissue and enhances performance

  • Helps sustain higher energy levels, volume and output through intense workouts

  • Improves oxygen uptake in the brain and helps support more mental clarity

  • Helps support healthy bones & skeleton muscle mass

🚨 Attention ladies

Many women are afraid of creatine because it causes our muscles to store more water thus adding more "water weight" and getting "bulky" - but this excess water will be offset during training and your body/physique will level out.

Creatine supplementation can go a long way, so I suggest women add in only 5g per day to increase muscular strength, power and performance. As long as you include 5g per day, timing is not super important so I suggest adding it in furing a time of day when you will remember to take it within your protocols - for me that's in my intra-workout drink which also includes Max Effort Amino Recovery!!

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