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How to Build Muscle: 4 Simple Strategies!

Simple Ways to Get Stronger with Progressive Overload 💪🏻

Want to build muscle? You need to understand progressive overload – it’s key to muscle growth! Progressive overload means gradually making your workouts harder so your muscles can grow.

Our bodies won’t change unless we push them. By consistently challenging your muscles, you can get bigger, stronger, and have more endurance.

Remember, what works for one person might not work for another!

Here are four easy ways to use progressive overload:

1. Increase the Resistance

Add more weight to your exercises. More weight = more muscle!

2. Increase Your Sets and Reps

If you can’t add more weight, try doing more sets or reps. This means more work for your muscles.

3. Increase Your Training Volume

Add more exercises for the same muscle group. This gives your muscles more to work with.

4. Decrease Rest Time Between Sets

Do the same exercises but with less rest. This makes your muscles work harder in less time.

5. Focus on Your Mind-Muscle Connection

Pay attention to the muscle you’re working on. This helps you get better results from each exercise.

Want to learn more about building muscle, training, or nutrition? Let’s chat! Book a call with me here.

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