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The "Right" Way to Train

Why do we train? We all have different goals, of course. But, at the end of the day, it’s about becoming the best version of yourself. That’s what we constantly say at Boss Bodies, and we believe it. The same approach applies to training. We (and you) want to continually be improving in the gym on both a macro and a microscopic level.

That could mean increasing your reps/weights each week, decreasing rest time, adding a set or an additional intensity technique, or even just focusing more on the mind to muscle connection. Regardless, we want to be growing and pushing ourselves when it comes to training.

The actual “weight” used is going to vary from person to person, based on their bodies recovery state, strength, years lifting, etc. What I look for most is that you are utilizing a moderately (relative) heavy weight, executing the movement with proper form and focusing on creating tension through the stretch and contraction of the target muscle. With bodybuilding, the most important thing is focusing on the mind-muscle connection and making every rep count. We’re not powerlifters here - one rep maxes don’t matter. But, consistency, focus, and attitude certainly do.

One of my favorite things is when a girl tells me that my workout killed them, because I laugh and always say I’m just the one who wrote the training for you and your goals, but you are the one that had to execute it with the proper form, load, intensity and to actually push yourself. That’s the secret to growth - finding out how to have that internal conversation with yourself while lifting and push yourself beyond what you did previously. Show up. Beat yesterday. And kick some ass.

I come from a business background so I LOVE data, and that love has helped me be successful as a trainer and as a bikini competitor. Keeping track of your training, both numerically (load, volume, rest, etc) and also the biofeedback you are receiving (soreness, stress levels, fatigue) is one great way to know if you are pushing yourself. I use an app called “Strong” which tracks all of my training and physique measurements, allows me to log the reps and weights of each exercise, and more. I highly encourage you all to track your trainings and try to progress with the weight and volume over time.

As always if you ever have any questions regarding your training program or if I can assist you in anything you may be struggling with, please do not hesitate to reach out!

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