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Tips for Killer Training/Cardio Sessions!

Are you struggling to stay motivated during your cardio workouts?

In this article, we'll explore some fun and effective ways to stay engaged during your workouts, from watching YouTube videos and Netflix series to curating killer playlists and investing in confidence-boosting fitness apparel. Plus, I'll share with you my go-to pre workout to get juiced up and energized for my sessions! LFG!

📽️ YouTube Videos/Netflix

  • Keep yourself entertained during cardio! I love watching training videos, day in the life, FDOE, and other fitness videos to give me some content ideas for myself, see what others are doing, and to expand my knowledge!

  • If all else fails, a solid TV series alway does the job!

🎶 Killer Playlist

  • I love listening to EDM/high energy mash-ups on Soundcloud

  • Big Bootie Mixes & Drunk Girl’s Symphony are two of my favorites!

  • If I’m going on a longer cardio bout - I love listening to podcasts like The Roundtable, Grow or Die, The ProPhysique Code, Chasing Edges, and SamMiller Science

😎 Look good, feel good

  • Choose fitness apparel that suits the shape of your body

  • Invest in apparel that helps increase your confidence and that will accentuate and highlight your curves

  • Whenever I need a boost for my cardio sessions - I’ll treat myself to a new pair of sneakers!

😋 Tasty Supplements

Having a great tasting pre-workout and intra-workout supplement can help get you hyped for a solid training session.

I look forward to my Max Effort Pre-Workout every day (I’ve been using their Pre- since 2018!)

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