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Transform Your Workout Routine with LFG #10: Strong Girl Szn

Welcome to Strong Girl Season

Welcome to LFG 10, a workout program specifically crafted to get you strong. Whether you're at home or in the gym, this program is designed to help you get stronger and more confident.

LFG 10 is not just another workout routine. LFG is all about getting stronger by focusing on heavy training and compound movements. Get ready to get challenged!

By utilizing a well-rounded approach, this program ensures a comprehensive workout that targets every muscle group, emphasizing muscle tissue breakdown for optimal growth and strength gains.

LFG keys

The heart of LFG 10 lies in its commitment to progressive overload. Each week is an opportunity to surpass your previous limits. Watch yourself grow stronger, increase your reps, manage more volume, enhance your training density, and refine your technique.

But that's not all. LFG 10 is unapologetically leg-centric, dedicating three days to your lower body and two to a blend of upper body exercises. It's time to embrace the power of your legs!

Join the LFG 10 movement and make this season your strongest yet.

*Full program available on the CoryG Fitness app

*Available in both a gym and home edition!

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