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From Dreams to Reality: Beckyn's IFBB Pro Journey with Coach Kiki

Journey to Pro: Beckyn Mickelson's Incredible Story!

This article at a glance:

  • Committed Partnership: Beckyn Mickelson and Coach Kiki have been a team for over three years, with Beckyn always showing up for check-ins no matter what.

  • Tailored Training: After winning the 2022 Minnesota Championships, they focused on building muscle and improving Beckyn’s relationship with food using a custom approach to Cory’s anabolic fasting diet.

  • Big Wins: In 2024, Beckyn’s dedication paid off with wins at the NPC Midwest Championships, earning her pro card at the NPC Junior Nationals, and placing in the top 10 in her Pro Bikini Debut.

*Starting with Kiki in February 2021

Beckyn's journey to becoming an IFBB Pro is nothing short of inspiring. For over three years, Beckyn and Coach Kiki have worked tirelessly together, with Beckyn never missing a check-in. Whether on vacation, hungover, or not following protocol 100%, Beckyn showed up for herself and Coach Kiki every single day.

After winning the overall bikini title at the 2022 Minnesota Championships, Beckyn and Kiki immediately began a building phase, adding the muscle tissue and size needed for the NPC National Stage. They focused on her relationship with food, implementing a custom and female approach to Cory Gregory’s anabolic fasting diet, setting her up for a great building season and an excellent muscle-building state.

*Start of prep this year

In 2024, Beckyn kicked off her prep, winning her class and the Overall at the NPC Midwest Championships. She placed 2nd at Jr USAs with feedback to keep showing up. Over the next five weeks, Beckyn and Kiki refined her physique, managed cortisol, and fine-tuned her posing.

On June 22, 2024, Beckyn's dream became a reality: she placed first in Open Class F, earned her pro card, won the OVERALL, and placed in the top 10 in her Pro Bikini Debut!

Beckyn's testimonial highlights the impact of Kiki's coaching on her journey, emphasizing the personalized and caring approach Kiki takes with all her clients. Beckyn's success story is a testament to the dedication, hard work, and unparalleled coaching that Kiki offers.

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