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Sweet Summer Gains: Max Effort Protein Fruit Dip Recipe

Updated: Jun 23

Get Fit, Stay Sweet: Try Our Protein Fruit Dip

Craving a sweet summertime snack that won’t undo your workout? This protein-packed fruit dip is your new go-to! Quick, easy, and delicious, it makes the perfect snack for anyone looking to stay fit without sacrificing flavor. And don't forget, for the best results, use Max Effort Tri-Blend Protein. Click here to buy and boost your baking!

Max Effort Muscle Protein Fruit Dip


  • 1 Scoop Max Effort Tri-Blend Protein

  • 1 Individual Greek Yogurt Cup

    • (any flavor - I used TwoGood Meyer Lemon)

  • 1 tbsp Sugar Free Pudding Mix

    • (any flavor - I used Cheesecake)

  • Any fruit or dipper of choice!


  1. Combine all three ingredients into a bowl until smooth.

  2. Pop your dip in the fridge to thicken up!

  3. Gather your fruit, graham crackers, and other dippers and enjoy your guilt-free indulgence!

  4. Don't be afraid to get creative with different flavors of greek yogurt, sugar free pudding mix and MaxEffort protein flavors!

Nutrition (entire recipe):

  • 215 Calories

  • 35g Protein

  • 9g Carbs

  • 3.5g Fat

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