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How to Stay Injury-Free w/ Coach Kiki

Who wants to go through the pain & suffering of injuries? Not me! 

Understanding injuries and how to avoid them is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle in the long term.

Here's a quick guide to help set you on the fast-track 👇👇

Warm-Up those Muscles!

Get the body warm by doing some light cardio like steady state incline walking/steady state stairs OR the bike.

Next up, get some dynamic stretching in to make the joints nice, limber and ready to go for some heavy lifting. Before getting into your sets, I like doing more warm-ups with the Max Effort Hip Bands and doing some light sets or accompanying exercises of the main lift for the day!

The Goal: get the blood circulating before you focus on getting the pump - psyche yourself up as you go through these warm-up routines!

Train Hard, but Train Strict!

Don’t cheat and heave the weights up. No one will be impressed if you can hip thrust or bench press a certain amount if you don’t have the glutes or chest to match the load.

If you want to “be big” and avoid injuries, then be smart with your weight load and focus on using strict form with proper technique.

Learning the difference between training hard vs training heavy is super important!

Proper Nutrition!

Whole foods provide the fuel & building blocks for your body!

Eating clean with a wide variety of foods (i.e. different fruits & vegetables) helps ensure that you're getting the vitamins and minerals you need.

You want to make sure you are eating enough calories, protein, carbs and fat to fuel your workout. Doing so will help improve performance and avoid injury. Protein is especially important to repair muscle damage that can occur during exercise.

Multi & Joint

Amino Recovery - helps keep you hydrated and electrolytes in a perfect place!


KULA CBD (CODE: kikerslaugh)

Maui Blue Cooling Gel

CBD Muscle & Joint Cream

Brainfreeze Gummies


Foam Roll: helps improve muscle tissue quality, blood & water flow in the muscle and fascia, and decreases stress on joints. This allows the muscle to move through full ranges of motion!


Regular chiro/massage appts

Take Rest & Recovery Days!

Try different forms of exercise/cross training - take a yoga/pilates class

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