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Meal Prep Mastery: Save Time and Eat Well!

Simplify Your Week with Easy Meal Prep 👩‍🍳

  • Start small: Begin with a few meals and expand.

  • Prep ingredients: Chop veggies, cook grains, batch cook proteins.

  • Use containers: Glass for reheating, sectioned for lunches.

Meal prep is a game-changer for anyone looking to eat healthier, save time, and reduce food waste. It might seem daunting at first, but with the right approach, it’s easier than you think!

Start small.

Begin by planning a few meals a week and gradually build from there. Choose recipes that are simple, taste great reheated, and can be made in bulk. Keep a bank of go-to recipes and try one new dish each week to keep things interesting.

Prep ingredients ahead of time.

Chop veggies, cook grains, and batch cook proteins. This way, you can mix and match components throughout the week. Season basics like chicken or beef simply, then switch up the flavors with sauces like taco salsa, ranch, or BBQ.

Batch cook proteins and carbs.

Examples include shredded crockpot chicken, grilled turkey patties, baked fish, and roasted sweet potatoes. Cooking these essentials ahead of time saves you stress during busy weekdays.

Make a grocery list and shop a day before meal prepping.

This keeps things manageable and ensures you have everything you need.

Use various containers.

Glass containers are great for reheating, and sectioned containers are perfect for lunches. Remember to cool your food before storing to maintain freshness.


Slow cookers, one-pot meals, and sheet pan recipes to keep meal prep simple yet effective. It doesn’t need to be fancy—just functional and suited to your lifestyle.

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Bridget Gallagher

Lifestyle Client

Body Recomposition

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