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5 Benefits of Investing in a Posing Suit for Competitors

As a competitor, one of the most important tools you have in your arsenal is your posing suit. These specialized suits are designed to replicate the feel and movement of your competition bikini, giving you the opportunity to get comfortable wearing the same cut suit as show day. Trust me, they are not like your regular beach bikinis!

One of the great features of a posing suit is the adjustable waistline and top. This allows you to wear the suit at all stages of your physique, whether you are just starting your improvement season or are getting ready to step on stage. It's a versatile piece of clothing that can be worn throughout your entire prep journey, and even to the beach or pool once show day has passed.

In addition to helping you feel comfortable and confident in your suit, a posing suit can also be a valuable tool for tracking your progress. By taking consistent progress photos in your suit, you can give your coach a clear view of how your body is changing over time. This can be especially useful when you are working with a coach remotely, as it allows them to see the changes in your physique without having to be there in person.

Even if you own your own competition bikini, it's a good idea to invest in a posing suit as well. With as much posing practice as we should be doing as competitors, the suit can get some unnecessary wear and tear. We want you to look perfect on show day, so it's best to have a separate suit for practicing your poses.

Posing suits can also be a fun and stylish part of prep. Many brands offer cute prints and designs, making it a fun and enjoyable part of your journey. And let's be honest, prep can be daunting at times, so having a few posing suits to make posing practice even more fun can be a great way to boost your confidence and keep things light.

One brand to check out is Kitty's Bikinis which are all hand made by my friend Catherine Cabo. Each one of their posing suits is handmade and created with care, ensuring that you get a high-quality and unique piece of clothing.

So don't overlook the importance of a posing suit in your prep journey. It can make all the difference in your confidence and success on stage.

Check out Kitty's full line of bikini posing suits here! And, here are a couple of my favorites from Kitty that I wear regularly.


Coach Kiki McClellan

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