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Client Spotlight: Madison Schosek

Since we're getting back into season, it's time to return to having one of my clients spotlighted each week! This week it's our girl Madison! She's gearing up to start peak week on Saturday and I couldn't be more excited to get her on stage for the first time! I always look forward to Madison's check-ins because of the dedication that she has to this industry and improving her own physique while helping so many others with the work that she does with

I started with Madison in September of last year, and we have made so many improvements mentally and physically! Since we knew the ultimate goal was getting to the stage and having some muscle built already, we dove right into a body recomposition. That allowed us to see what her bikini shape would ultimately bring, and we ended up working most of the end of last year on leg shaping.

All competitors and coaches know that the legs (quads, glutes and hamstrings) are one of the main focal points in perfecting that bikini physique. Our first goal with Madison was to trim down her dominant quads and add some muscle density to the glutes. Madison is a TROOPER! This prep hasn't been the easiest but I am so proud of how far she has come this year and I know with some hard work, accountability, and dedication in a building season, she will be a force on the NPC stage!

I want to give my girl Madison a HUGE shoutout for rocking her first ever show at Joe Pishkula's NPC Border Klash Championships. Madison had an amazing transformation process throughout her prep for this show, and her show day look was amazing. She is just getting started in this bikini world and her and I both know she has so much potential!

Join me all in hyping Madison up to continue on in her NPC Bikini journey!

We're not finished yet!

"You have no idea how much you can push yourself until you take that leap of faith. And if you think I’m stopping here, you’re sadly mistaken. I’M NOT FINISHED!

Time to grow these glutes and come back stronger than ever."

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