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My first top 10! Quick Recap of the Milwaukee Pro

By Kiki McClellan

Hello everyone! I’m going to do better about writing blogs more frequently, and this is the first installment of what I hope to be a regular series. We’ll cover all sorts of topics - everything from my thoughts on training/nutrition, coaching stories, recaps of my events, mindset topics and more! If you like reading posts like this, please subscribe so you get an email every time I write and never miss a post!

The show weekend in Milwaukee was so much fun! I was reminded that midwest weather that time of year can be so fickle as we arrived to 45 degree and rainy weather - a big change for this Florida girl. Show day was a beautiful 65 and sunny though!

I got in on Thursday night since I always like to arrive one day ahead of athlete check-ins if I’m flying to a show. You never know what travel delays might happen and I like to eliminate any of that stress. My husband Preston flew up Friday morning to meet me so it was nice to have some company!

Friday was a day for check ins, rest, and a tiny bit of exploring. I went and got officially registered while Preston went to do his powerlifting workout and meet up with one of my clients that came in for the show (yay thank you Amy!). After that, we met back up and explored the Milwaukee Public Market which had alllll the cheese, sausage, brats and more. Being in here on prep was tough but I always make sure to not let prep days prevent me from getting out and having fun!

Friday evening, we went to the athlete’s meeting at the Miller High Life Theater, and that’s when it all really started feeling real! This theater was SO cool. Literally the biggest stage I’ve been on at any level and such a cool vibe being in a 4,500 seat place. I can’t wait to see what the show will feel like next year when fans are allowed in at full capacity!

After that, it was time to put the first layer of my tan on, eat some food, and relax! Preston got his first experience tanning (we’ve got a lot of work to do to teach him lol), and then I got a steak from this Brewery nearby. Side note: do people from Milwaukee not like steak?! There was literally one restaurant (out of about 35) near us that sold any sort of regular steak. Thank you, Rock Bottom Brewery, you saved the day.

Saturday, show day! Always an early day, and this day was no exception. I had my makeup at 5:15 and I was done by about 6:15. Then, it was time to get my tan all squared away and relax for a bit before heading to the Theather for showtime!

Shoutout to the show organizers; this show was so efficient and easy and well organized. Pre-judging started at 11am and finals were at 5pm which allowed me to have some fun and head out afterward! During pre-judging and leading up to it, I felt great and was snacking on a muffin backstage along with some rice cakes (of course) and getting ready to strut my stuff. I thought my package was the best I had ever brought, and I was really happy with it! I have some things to work on refining my posing and looking at switching my sides on my front post for my next show.

I got second callouts, and I was so excited! They made us work and pose for a while up there and we were on stage for nearly an hour. I loved it - we work so hard for these physiques that I’ll take any extra time to show it off.

After pre-judging, I got to meet my amazing client Amy and her husband Matt who were kind enough to drive up from Chicago! She’s starting her bikini journey and doing her first show in Nashville later this summer, and we’re so excited for her. Thank you again for coming to support me!

After finals, it was TIME TO EAT. I had picked up the Milwaukee Brat House days in advance, and it was sooooo good. We got the bratwurst sampler with 4 different kinds, along with some cheese curds and some beer cheese soup. A true Wisconsin type meal and let me tell you it did not disappoint at all! Check out these pictures; so freaking delicious.

And then it was time to sleep and head back to Jacksonville! Preston and Delta surprised me with a first class upgrade so I even got to enjoy some Champagne on the flight home! All in all, a great weekend. Thank you so much!!



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