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Post Bikini Competition: What Do I Do Now?

You slayed the stage, dominated your prep, and now it's all over. Show day goes so quickly! That's the number one thing I hear from first time competitors: how fast it all goes once it's your turn.


Now that finals is over, you've gotten your feedback, and you're ready to roll, what should you do? Decisions made in the days and weeks following a show are incredibly important for your future success and general health.

As a follow up to my post last week on reverse dieting, I wanted to go through some of my favorite basic tips that I tell my clients to adhere to after a competition. I was just with my Team Boss Bodies babe at NPC Universe, so I know there are a lot of bikini gals out there looking for some tips on how to handle the next steps.

If you have any other questions, please leave a comment and I will make sure to get back to you!


The night of the show, go enjoy yourself! Have that free meal. Celebrate with friends and family. Enjoy the accomplishment you just completed.

The day after the show is SO important! Focus on MICROS (getting water in, electrolytes, vitamins/minerals) and don’t be afraid to have another brunch meal with friends and family! Your body can handle it. Healthy habits are important, and sometimes that means allowing yourself to indulge.

Monday (or 2 days after the show): get back to your post-show plan ASAP - since your body is in such a sensitive state it will be easy to hold water, fat, etc.

Do not stop doing all of the healthy habits that you were doing in prep (weighing foods, drinking water, etc.).

Reach out to teammates, coach, friends for support!

Set “guidelines” for yourself to keep yourself accountable (For example, only track in pop-tarts 2x per week after leg days).

Give your body a break! For your first 1-2 weeks back in the gym, go at around 60 percent. This gives your body and joints a chance to fully recover and relax.

Add in different food sources slowly so you do not shock your body with introducing a wide variety, slowly bring back in different sources of proteins, carbs, fats.

Continue practicing the positive self talk.

Lastly, have fun! Eat foods you can’t during prep. But, keep your goals in mind. Every decision should be a step toward that ultimate goal.

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