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The Crucial Role of Regular Coach Check-Ins During Your Improvement Season

The improvement season in any sport or discipline can often be a mentally grueling journey. It's a period where the focus shifts from performance to growth and refinement, as we work tirelessly on our weaknesses and capitalize on our strengths. This time is ripe with opportunity for major gains, as off-season prep indeed directly translates into in-season victories. However, navigating this path can be challenging without regular check-ins with a coach. These check-ins play a pivotal role in maintaining accountability, providing much-needed support, and offering invaluable feedback for constant improvement with your physique and mental gains too.


As athletes, we are naturally driven by goals. We set our sights on what we wish to achieve and then work tirelessly to get there. But sometimes, especially during the improvement season, staying motivated can be challenging. This is where the concept of accountability becomes essential.

Checking in regularly with your coach holds you accountable. It encourages you to remain committed to your routines and goals even when the going gets tough or when you're not feeling your best. As a coach myself, I understand the importance of this dynamic. I have my own coach with whom I need to check in, take physique photos even when I'm not feeling entirely confident, and honestly express how I am executing the plans and protocols they have laid out for me. This sense of responsibility towards my coach's expectations and trust keeps me motivated and consistent, ensuring I stay on track.


While the improvement season can be mentally testing, having a robust support system can make all the difference. Your coach is an integral part of this system. Their guidance and reassurance can give you peace of mind that, despite any hiccups or obstacles, your plans are still moving forward.

Your coach is there to ensure your mentality is healthy and focused and that you're feeling well on all fronts. They can help keep your spirits up, instill confidence, and provide the encouragement you need to keep pushing forward. This emotional and psychological support is crucial during moments of struggle or perceived stagnancy and can be a game-changer in your improvement journey.


The power of constructive feedback cannot be overstated. Regular check-ins with your coach are your conduit to gaining insights into your performance. They allow your coach to identify areas where you're falling short and suggest strategies or adjustments to help push the needle closer to your desired outcome.

Coaches often provide an outside perspective that you might not have thought of yourself. They can spot patterns, pinpoint issues, and provide solutions that can transform your performance. This feedback is invaluable in your progress and growth, providing a roadmap for improvement that's grounded in expert observation and analysis.

In conclusion, a coach's role extends beyond merely providing training routines or diet plans. They are an instrumental part of your holistic growth and improvement journey, providing accountability, support, and feedback. Regular check-ins during your improvement season are a cornerstone of this relationship, offering you a platform to express, learn, grow, and ultimately, excel.

Off-season prep is the bedrock of your in-season gains. Use this time productively to build strength, improve techniques, and work on your weaknesses. With regular check-ins with your coach, you can leverage their expertise to navigate this journey with confidence and poise. Remember, every moment you invest in your improvement season will pay dividends when it's time to shine.


Coach Kiki McClellan

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