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The Super Bowl of Bodybuilding | 2023 Olympia

All power comes from the ability to envision what you want to become.

For me, going to the Olympia isn’t just a reunion and end of the season party for the bodybuilding industry - it’s the fact that I want to make it to the Olympia one day. And seeing the athletes on the stage every year helps me envision this goal that much more for myself.

Bottom line: the best of the best in the world in my sport make it to the O.

The events of the weekend

Win a pro show and you’re in!

The Olympia isn’t just a regular bodybuilding show. The hype around the entire week is what makes this event amazing to be a part of.

The week kicks off on Tuesday/Wednesday with the Amateur Olympia. Amateur competitors can compete to win their IFBB Pro Card. On Thursday fans can attend the Olympia Press Conference & Meet The Olympians - each athlete gets to interact with family, friends and fans, sign autographs, take photos and kick off the Olympia Weekend.

On Friday & Saturday the Expo draws in fans of the sport from all over the world. Saturday is the biggest day for my division (bikini). Pre-judging takes place in the middle of the expo for Bikini, Classic Physique (Chris Bumstead), Men's Physique, and Wheelchair Bodybuilding.

Saturday night is the MAIN event. This is when they crown the 2023 Olympians in Open Bodybuilding, Men's Physique, Bikini Olympia, and Classic Physique.

History was made with Derek Lunsford taking home the Mr. Olympia title - the only athlete in history to have won the Olympia in two separate divisions (open BB & 212 BB), as well as Chris Bumstead taking home his 5th Classic Physique title!

The Olympia sets the standard for the divisions in the year ahead. With the federation constantly growing and evolving, having the exact match of criteria and what I need to shoot for going into my next competition season is essential. And knowing this criteria helps me plan the rest of my improvement season with what we need to work on!

While having the Olympia in Orlando is great due to space, the Olympia is headed back to VEGAS for 2024!

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